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There’s never been a better time for self-development than now. When we emerge from lockdown, businesses will need data-driven minds to supercharge recovery. Will you be ready?

The months of March, April and May have been trying for all of us, in both our professional and personal lives. We’ve had to adapt to new challenges, new working practices and unparalleled situations which most of us were unprepared for.

We’ve all seen the shuttered shops, the darkened windows of restaurants and empty office blocks on our streets. Businesses have been irrevocably changed and lives have been turned upside down. Small and medium organizations are bearing the brunt of the measures imposed to tackle the spread, but the troubles are not exclusive to them.

Not only do mom-and-pop stores, start-ups, and scale-ups all face the strain, so too do larger enterprises. No business has been left untouched by this pandemic.

Adapting to the new normal

It’s easy to imagine an organization as one single entity, but the truth is that it’s made up of many, many individuals, each with their own challenges, their own strengths, and their own uniqueness. Everybody brings something different to the table.

When we do finally break free from this pandemic, when the worst is behind us and it’s safe for us to return to work, these individuals will be spearheading a return to relative normality, driving businesses forward and picking up the pieces in a rebuilding effort shared by millions of people.

As individuals, we will play a vital role in lifting our organizations to new heights. Moving horizontally and supporting other areas of the business will be valuable beyond measure.

When the time comes we need to be equipped for this new set of challenges. There’s no better time than now to learn something new, master a skill or retrain our focus. Devoting some of our time in lockdown will help to bolster our careers.

Not only does it arm us with new skills, but it also helps our mental wellbeing. Focusing our efforts on positive self-improvement is not a distraction, it’s empowerment.

So, how do we empower ourselves with these new skills?

A surge in online learning

Udemy is one of the foremost platforms for online learning. When the pandemic was at its peak, the San Francisco-based company released data to illustrate the mass adoption of online learning during the lockdown.

The company said that between February and March it saw a huge spike in course enrollments, over 400% to be precise. Instructors on the platform have now created 55% more new courses for online learners, drawing in millions of users from across the world.

Udemy’s data shows that demand began to increase in early March before lockdowns were introduced. Italy’s national lockdown on March 11 was soon followed by other countries. This saw Udemy enrollments grow by 425% before the end of March. Growth throughout April has remained above 300%.

Source : Udemy

According to the data, there has been a 281% rise in India for business fundamentals courses and a 606% growth in communication skills courses. Italy saw a 418% rise in copywriting lessons. Meanwhile, in the U.S., people have opted to move towards more creative pursuits, with a 326% rise in Adobe Illustrator lessons.

Elsewhere, Oxford University has reported a 600% rise in the number of online registrations, due in part to their popular Oxford Innovation Programme, and untold numbers of startups are identifying gaps in the EdTech sector and promptly filling them to provide learning opportunities.

The path to a personal and professional upgrade will differ greatly from person to person and organization to organization. So, how do you work out what you and your company might need?

You can begin by asking these questions:

  • What key skills do I have?
  • What key skills do I lack?
  • How can learning these key skills bring value to my organization?
  • How can I automate my daily tasks?

Data will be in the spotlight

At ScoopML, we are advocates for life-long learning. We see the value of new skills, fresh ways of thinking and innovative methods of growth, and we believe that everybody should be empowered to reach their goals.

We see no better path forward than with data science by your side.

Data will be firmly in the spotlight when we emerge from lockdown. We will have to read the data and understand it, take insights from it and apply them to our domain expertise.

Whether you’re a knowledge worker in retail, finance, consumer goods, marketing, insurance, or any sector for that matter, it is vital that our next steps are data-driven.

By removing the barrier of entry to data science — a practice usually reserved for people who know complex programming languages like Python, SQL and R — we have opened the door to data science with a powerful, end-to-end, no-code approach.

Suddenly, the power of the most technically minded is now in the hands of every knowledge worker. Anyone can be a citizen data scientist with VAYU.

You have your domain expertise, but your sector is undoubtedly lacking in skilled data professionals.

Well, now’s your chance.

Data is one of your biggest assets. Is your organization taking full advantage of it? Are you?

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